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Istation and Dreambox

Supporting At-Home Learning with Istation and Dreambox

At Pasco School District, we're committed to providing the best educational support for our at-home learners. To ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel in literacy and mathematics, we've introduced innovative programs, Istation and Dreambox, designed to make learning engaging, effective, and accessible, no matter where your educational journey takes place.

Dreambox: Building Math Excellence

Dreambox is a revolutionary math program that offers continuous support for math conceptual understanding, fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. With 24/7 online access, Dreambox empowers students to build their math achievement while aligning with Washington State Learning Standards. Whether it's mastering math concepts or sharpening problem-solving skills, Dreambox is here to support your child's mathematical growth.

Key Benefits of Dreambox:

  • Continuous Support: Dreambox ensures that your child's math skills are consistently nurtured.
  • Online Access: With round-the-clock access, students can learn at their own pace.

Istation: Powered by the Science of Reading

Istation is a literacy program that harnesses the science of reading to empower students. Our engaging assessments and instruction are designed to cover the National Reading Panel's "Big Five" foundational essentials. Istation provides the support needed to enhance comprehension and growth, offering activities and lessons that provide actionable and insightful instruction. From phonemic awareness to vocabulary, Istation covers a wide range of skills to foster reading success.

Key Benefits of Istation:

  • Science-Backed: Istation is powered by the latest research in the science of reading.
  • Comprehensive: Our program covers a wide range of foundational reading essentials.