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Pasco Parent Partnership (P3)

The Pasco Parent Partnership (P³) is an integral part of the Pasco School District's Digital Learning Academy, offering students in grades K-8 an innovative and flexible opportunity to engage in parent-led instruction from the comfort of their homes. We understand that every child is unique, and this program has been designed to empower parents and students to embark on a collaborative educational journey.

P3 is 100% Parent Led Instruction with certificated teacher support. 

How Our Students Learn

At P³, we believe in the power of collaborative learning, and our approach reflects that philosophy. While parents play a key role in facilitating learning activities at home, it's essential to note that all instruction in Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) is meticulously planned and supervised by certificated Pasco teachers who work closely with the program. This collaboration ensures that students receive a well-rounded and personalized education that aligns with state standards and is documented in the individual's Washington Student Learning Plan.

What Parents Can Expect

1. Curriculum Selection: Parents have the opportunity to select from the district-adopted curricula designed for grades K-8. Currently, we offer the choice of either Book Shark or Moving Beyond the Page, providing a rich and comprehensive educational experience tailored to the needs of each student.

2. Access to Supplementary Resources: We understand that learning goes beyond the textbooks. That's why P³ provides access to district-approved supplemental materials that can be used at home. These resources enrich the learning experience and support students in their educational journey.

3. Workshops and Enrichment Activities: Learning is not confined to the classroom. Throughout the year, P³ organizes workshops and enrichment activities to engage students and foster a love for learning. These experiences provide students with valuable hands-on learning opportunities.

4. Weekly Check-Ins: Regular check-ins are an essential part of our program. Parents and students are required to participate in weekly check-ins, ensuring that students are making adequate academic progress and receiving the support they need to succeed.

5. Monthly Parent-Teacher Meetings: We believe that collaboration between parents and teachers is vital for a student's success. Therefore, we conduct monthly Parent-Teacher meetings to address learning needs, offer guidance, and provide additional support where necessary.

A Day in the Life of a P3 Student

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