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Internet Pasco Academy of Learning (iPAL)

At Pasco School District, we are committed to providing innovative educational solutions, and our Internet Pasco Academy of Learning (iPAL) is a testament to that commitment. iPAL offers an extensive range of online learning opportunities, catering to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

iPAL is remote learning with parent coached and teacher supported instruction. The program is 100% Asynchronous, meaning the teachers and students all engage with course content at different times. This program is open to Pasco students K-12 and all students in Washington K-8.

The Benefits of Online Learning with iPAL

1. Flexibility

Online learning through iPAL provides students with the flexibility to tailor their education to their own schedules. Whether it's working around extracurricular activities, family commitments, or personal preferences, our online learning platform offers a level of flexibility that traditional classrooms cannot match.

2. Diverse Course Offerings

iPAL offers a wide variety of courses to suit students' diverse interests and academic needs. From core subjects to electives, advanced placement courses to career readiness programs, students have access to an extensive curriculum that encourages their personal growth and development.

3. Individualized Learning

We understand that every student is unique. That's why iPAL provides the opportunity for students to learn at their own pace. Our educators are dedicated to providing individualized support, ensuring that each student reaches their full potential.

4. Safe Learning Environment

In today's ever-changing world, the safety of our students is a top priority. iPAL provides a safe and secure online learning environment, enabling students to focus on their studies without the distractions often found in traditional classroom settings.

A Day in the Life of an iPAL Student

Core 4 Technologies Used in iPAL

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